PLEASE READ CAREFULLY so that we can photograph you looking your very best.
1. Clothes should be clean, freshly pressed, and free of lint and animal hair.
2. If possible, please bring your clothing on hangers to avoid wrinkles, and change right before your photo.
3. Please bring only long-sleeved tops unless you’re planning to wear a jacket or sweater on top.
4. Please bring only solid-colored tops with a simple neckline. 
5. Please avoid white or pastels, as well as patterns, checks, plaids, or stripes. This is VERY important.              Please be aware that you'll incur additional charges if you want any wrinkles in clothing with a prominent pattern retouched, and we don't guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the results.
6. You are welcome to bring a suit jacket if you like and we’ll photograph you with and without it.
7. Please bring any hairspray or other product you need, as well as face powder and lipstick to compliment your outfit.
8. Please bring any jewelry you plan to wear. 
9. Please get a good night’s sleep.
The studio is called WAVEFORM and is located at 8204 N. Lamar, Suite A-1, Austin, TX 78753.
Turn into the parking lot at 8222 N. Lamar, which is the next driveway to the north, and follow the map below. 
The studio can be a little tricky to find, and Google maps will not take you to the front door, so please call me at 512.720.1340 if you need additional directions instead of driving around lost